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Hire people with complete confidence knowing their personality, communication style, and aptitude to do the work and find exactly who you're looking for. How? Through our effective DISC personality assessment. It's how you'll see a candidate beyond their resume and ultimately, achieve hiring success.

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See beyond the resume

Our DISC assessment allows you to see beyond the resume for the full picture to determine personality fit. We administer the most-widely used DISC assessment to screen candidates.


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What is DISC?

DISC is a personality assessment scoring the four dimensions of behavior to improve productivity, communication, teamwork and most importantly predict job fit.


Motivate & retain passionate employees

Our DISC Assessment not only includes the DISC profile, but also includes the Values Index Assessment, which scores a person’s top motivators that drive them to take action.


Why use DISC in hiring?

DISC in the past has primarily been used to manage people’s behavior in the workplace. We use DISC in the hiring process because we want to make sure you are bringing in the right talent from the beginning.

Hire with accuracy

Motivate & retain employees

Improve your team dynamics

Lead with emotional intelligence

Hire with accuracy

Our free, automated DISC assessment identifies key behavioral traits predictive of success in a given role.

We score candidates against the ideal DISC profile allowing you to accurately match individual strengths to behavioral traits for the role you’re looking to fill.


Motivate & retain employees

Our DISC Plus assessment also measures motivational styles to better understand what they value.

Individual motivations and values have a direct impact on engagement, performance, and retention. Essentially, a better job fit means more satisfaction.

Improve your team dynamics

Conflict in the workplace is often driven by personality differences. This is preventable. In fact, you want a variety of personalities to balance your team to prevent blind spots.

DISC profiles help you decipher the personality types of each candidate so you can get a clear, upfront idea of how they’ll jive with your current teammates.


Lead with emotional intelligence

Great leaders show empathy for the people they are leading. Great employers lead with a servant’s heart and learn the communication styles of each employee.

DISC profiles help you understand communication styles to know how to lead your employees to help them grow in their career.

Tim Davis - Customer Story

Tim Davis

Tim and Angie Davis,
Movement Mortgage


I learned about the DISC Personality Assessment early on in my career. When I gave out assessments to my team members, they learned more about each other and were able to streamline our business. Years later, I found WizeHire where they use the DISC Assessment to screen candidates on the front end. With WizeHire, the Movement Mortgage team saves both time and money.

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